Wednesday , 24 January 2018

Communications and ICT Department

Overall statements of success:

  1. To promote and enhance the Kenya Scouts Association’s Corporate Affairs and improve communications nationally and internationally through well-planned activities and publicity.
  2. To incorporate ICT in all KSA operations at all levels.


  • To raise the Scouting Profile and increase Visibility of KSA to members and the general public
  • To strengthen the means of communication through ICT materials, advertising and the website among others
  • To ensure courtesy, etiquette, customer care and discipline when communicating, both internally and externally
  • To upgrade and strengthen the operations of Corporate Affairs and Communications System to a modern capacity
  • Ensure KSA ICT & Operations Systems are relevant an effective.
  • Use I.C.T for proper management of Data Collection, processing and storage

Embrace I.C.T as a tool for Research & Communication
KSA Communications Policy 2016