Wednesday , 24 January 2018

Camps and Sites

Cllr. Boniface Awour

Cllr. Boniface Awour National Camps and Sites Commissioner, KSA

Overall statement of success: To provide KSA with functional camping and training centers in all Counties with a vision to Create sustainable income

The Association needs enough space in terms of campsites and training centre for activities of both the young people and the adults to take place. These sites need to be well managed so that they are not only self-sustaining but they are also income generating ventures for the association.


  • Rowallan Scouts Camp
  • Embu Scouts Centre
  • Nyeri Scouts Camp
  • Machakos Scouts Camp
  • Miritini Scouts Camp
  • Kayaba Scouts Camp
  • Tuilienge Scouts Camp Bungoma
  • Siaya Scouts Camp
  • Busia Scouts Camp