Wednesday , 24 January 2018

Scouts for Peace MoU Signed

From left: Mr Ray Musau Chief commissioner KSA, Hon Francis Ole Kaparo, Chief Scout KSA and NCIC commission secretary Hassan Sheikh Mohammed during the signing of the Scouts for peace MOU

From left: Mr Ray Musau Chief commissioner KSA, Hon Francis Ole Kaparo, Chief Scout KSA and NCIC commission secretary Hassan Sheikh Mohammed during the signing of the Scouts for peace MOU

The Kenya Scouts Association (KSA) and the National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) have entered into a partnership agreement and signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on July 9th, 2015 at the NCIC offices in Upperhill, Nairobi

This will see the largest Scouts youth movement in Africa and sixth in the world of over 1 Million registered Scouts, taking the banner of peace across the nation and beyond as Peace Ambassadors.

The implementation of Scouting for Peace in Kenya Programme, will see Scouts advocate and sensitize students, teachers, parents and other stakeholders on the importance of peaceful coexistence in the country through various activities. These include Peace walks, peer education, championing for the establishment of Peace (Amani) clubs in learning institutions and the demonstration of peaceful coexistence among people as Scouting is open to all boys and girls without distinction of origin, race, gender and creed or ethnic/tribal background.

Hon. Francis Ole Kaparo, the Kenya Scouts Association Chief Scout and Chair NCIC stated that KSA and NCIC have a collective responsibility of passing the message of peace, hope and togetherness to all Kenyans. “With a platform of 1,320,000 registered Scouts who are now a brigade of peace and the infrastructure of KSA, the message of embracing diversity and peaceful co-existence will reach every corner of this nation”, he added.

“Under the fundamental Principles of Scouting, Scouts are mandated to coexist and be loyal to ones country in harmony with the promotion of Local, National and International

peace” said Mr Ray Charles Musau, the Associations Chief Commissioner. Mr. Musau further stated that the Association has just completed its first round of national registration of Scouts and its membership now stands at over 1 million Scouts. This gives the Association the infrastructure, reach and potential influence among the youth to embrace peace and discourage negative ethnicity.”

Mr Musau further stated that the Scout Programme is a wholistic approach to education, which is aimed at contributing to the development of young people in achieving their full physical, intellectual, social, spiritual, emotional and character potentials as individuals, as responsible citizens and as members of their local, national and international communities.

KSA and NCIC commissioners

KSA and NCIC commissioners

NCIC Commission Secretary Hassan Sheikh Mohamed, stated that under the platform of Scouting for peace in Kenya, young people will be instruments of change as they send the message of peace across the country. He further congratulated the Association for organizing the upcoming Marsabit Peace Walk scheduled for August 2015, which will see Scouts walk across the county ( Marsabit Central, Laisamis, Loiyangalani, North Horr, Malkona, Solola and Moyale) carrying the message of peace to their fellow Kenyans.

“We have finally found a platform to reach the young people of this nation” said Ms. Belinda Akoth Ochiel a commissioner at NCIC adding that peace can only be realized when the youth are recognized and engaged. Through the signing of this MoU, these young men and women have symbolically signed an accountability charter to promote peace in their communities and in turn the nation”.

Through the Scout Youth Programme, young people are molded into men and women of character and integrity. Scouts learn to be responsible and self-reliant, to be agents of development in their communities, promoters of peace and creative persons who continually search for ways to solve problems in their communities.

Scouts have been involved in various peace projects including a campaign dabbed Trees for Peace in 2006 launched by the late Pro. Wangari Mathai which saw Scouts plant 17million trees and the Embu – Nairobi peace walk held in November 2014, which saw 100 Rover Scouts walk for 145 kilometers for five days; advocating for peace as the Association celebrated 104 years of Scouting in the country.

This partnership will further propel the Association towards its vision of creating a better world through educating young people to play a constructive role in the society as well as enabling the NCIC to carry out its mission of facilitating and promoting a Kenyan society whose values are harmonious and non-discriminatory for peaceful co-existence and integration.