Wednesday , 24 January 2018

Scouts in Kenya hit the 1 Million Mark in First Ever National Registration Exercise

The Association embarks on the delivery of an educational program to mould the character of the youth across the country

The Kenya Scouts Association has successfully registering 1 Million Scouts in the country, making it the Largest Scouts Movement in Africa and Sixth (6) in the world.

02The Association, which has been in existence in Kenya since 1910 offers young people a value based educational programme, which ensures that its members, both boys and girls contribute positively to society. The Scout Programme aims at giving young people the opportunity to achieve their full physical, intellectual, social, spiritual, emotional and character potentials as individuals, as responsible members of their local, national and international communities.

“We are impacting the lives of more than one million young people in this nation by instilling values of personal and collective responsibility” states Hon. Francis Ole Kaparo the Chief Scout of the Kenya Scout Association.  He further urges more young people to join the Movement so as to benefit from its values and fundamental principles of duty to God, duty to others and duty to self.

03The over 1 Million registered Scouts will be socialized into an education programme, which enables them to be men and women of character and integrity. Through the Scouts Youth Programme, Scouts learn to be responsible and self-reliant, agents of development in their communities, promoters of peace who advocate for the coexistence of members in their communities and country as a whole and creative persons who continually search for ways to solve problems in their communities; servant leaders. Among the key contributions that Scouts have made to Kenya is planting over 17 million trees. “Scouts are passionate about nature, and we have a commitment to conserve and protect the environment because our scout program is mainly experienced outdoors in contact with nature. We are working closely with the government to champion tree planting in order to restore the required forest cover in Kenya,” Said Mr Kaparo.

04The Scout Method is a unique delivery system of the educational program for the young Scouts. It is administered through the Scout Law and Promise. Learning by doing is a practical approach to effective learning that encourages self-development facilitated by adult leaders who help the Scouts to discover while gaining life skills such as decision making, team work, emotional intelligence, co-existence and self confidence among other life skills. The Scout Patrol system where Scouts work in small groups, a Progressive Scheme through which Scouts learn by engaging in varied activities carried out according to one’s own interest and through various age sections, Symbolic Framework where Scouts acquire their identity by relating to their social-cultural backgrounds, Life in Nature where outdoor activities are effectively done in a camping situation and within a natural environment and Adult –Youth Relationship where Scout leaders guides the youth as they carry out the youth programme activities.

“Our mission is to educate young people to play a constructive role in the society “says Mr. Ray Charles Musau, the Chief Commissioner at the Association. He adds that the Association is committed to nurturing young people who are supportive, responsible and committed citizens, of this nation with an aim of creating a better world for this and the next generation. Announcing the 1 million registration milestone, Mr Musau added “We decided to embark on a national registration exercise so that we could tell exactly where our Scouts are. This way, we are now able to plan and distribute our resources, including training opportunities equally across the country, because we now have the database in one place. We have rolled out a national calendar of events across the country.05 The young scouts are enjoying a variety of educational activities while also having fun with a purpose. We are inviting more young people to register for Scouting. It is a valuable way of spending free time constructively. Through scout activities on weekends and holidays, Scouts are kept away from harm while also learning life skills that will help them in their journey of life. We urge parents to encourage their children to come forward, register with the Kenya Scout Association and enjoy the game of Scouting.”

Scouting is a voluntary, educational, non-political Movement for young people open to all – boys and girls without distinction of origin, race, gender and creed or ethnic/tribal background in accordance with the Purpose, Principles and Methods as conceived by the Founder, Lord Baden Powell. Scouting in Kenya started on 24th November 1910. President Uhuru Kenyatta is the Patron of the Kenya Scout Association.