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Strategic Plan

Kenya Scout Association


By 2023, Scouting in Kenya will be the leading youth movement, enabling over 4 million young people to achieve their full potentials as responsible citizens and as members of their local, national and international communities through the Scout Method.


  1. Innovating Scouting
  2. Social and Environmental Impact
  3. Communications and Relations
  4. Governance
  5. Institutional Sustainability






Innovating Scouting


  1. Education Method- Youth Programmes and Adults in Scouting

To deliver quality Scouting programme that is attractive, relevant, and progressive to address the needs of the young people by 2023

To strengthen and build the capacity of adults in scouting to effectively design, deliver and implement the scout programme to the Scouts by 2023


  1. Events

To increase participation and improve the quality of our events at all levels by 2023


  1. Youth Engagement

To promote youth empowerment by 2023


  1. Membership Growth

To grow Scout membership from approximately 2.1 million to 4 million and adults in scouting from 40,000 to 80, 000 by 2023

Social and Environmental Impact

 1: Community Involvement

To Engage Scout leaders and Scouts to be actively involved in community development and youth empowerment by 2023


2: Reaching to Celebrate Diversity

To extend Scouting to young people with special needs, encourage and welcome Scouts of all cultural and religious backgrounds to participate in and deliver our programs at all levels by 2023


3. Environmental Conservation



To contribute towards environmental conservation through tree growing to at least 30 million trees and engaging in other environmental conservation and climate change campaigns with various stakeholders by 2023


4 Community Health


To increase knowledge, skills and attitudes on healthy living and food security amongst Scouts and their Communities by 2023

Communications and Relations


1: Internal Communications


To enhance internal communication systems to promote clear, concise, concrete, correct, coherent, complete and courteous messaging by 2023


2: Stakeholders Relations


To portray the Scouting profile in Kenya accurately through what we do and why we do it, while reflecting on our shared values by 2023


3: Strategic Engagements

To identify, develop and maintain mutually beneficial partnerships and relationships with key organizations to attract support for Scouting and/or create positive change through advocacy by 2023


1: National Structures and Systems


To enhance sustainable, effective and efficient governance in KSA by 2023


2: Human Resources Management


To be an Association that attracts, develops and retains staff who are highly dedicated, professional and self-driven by 2023

Institutional Sustainability

1: Resource Mobilization

To ensure institutional sustainability of KSA by 2023


 2: Financial Management

To promote financial accountability and transparency in KSA by 2023


3: Infrastructure/Asset Management

To enhance  KSA assets and infrastructure management system by 2023






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