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Kenya Scouts AssociationKenya Scouts AssociationKenya Scouts Association
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Kenya Scouts AssociationKenya Scouts AssociationKenya Scouts Association

Quality Objectives


  1. To deliver a program that responds to the needs and aspirations of the young people.
  2. To deliver qualitative, relevant and need-based training and support for all adults in Scouting.
  3. To recruit and retain professional staff that is highly motivated, dedicated, and self-driven to coordinate and support the functions of the Association.
  4. To provide the Association with functional, quality camping and training centers in all Counties for the use of scouts and public.
  5. To optimize resource mobilization from local and international sources through innovations and adaptations to make KSA self-sustaining.
  6. To uphold quality and propriety in the practice of scouting.
  7. To promote and enhance the Kenya Scouts Association’s Corporate Affairs and improve communications nationally and internationally through well-planned activities and publicity.
  8. To continually upgrade and improve the Association’s technology platform to meet the program objectives and business needs of the organization


  • Rowallan Scout Camp, Jamhuri Park, Kibera Drive.
  • +254 020 202 0819
    +254 733 919 333
  • info@kenyascouts.org


View our our Scout Brochure and learn more about our projects and movement.

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